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Days are gone when we were living in a joint families and it was easy for us to find a perfect and suitable match for our children. At that time sources were limited, but time has changed now.

Now, we are in 21st century and Digital era. Not all, but most of us are living in the nuclear( single) families, making it different for us to find/ chooses a sitable and perfect match for our children. Finding a perfect match,sometimes becomes a nightmare of for us. Now, our families are Settled globally and nobody knows Who's who? ( Their cost family background and even nobody can ask each other)

Apna Media Group, New York from the past many years reaching Indian disapora globally, observed this problem of the community . The big problem Of the parent these days is "finding a suitable and perfect match for their children". Children too face difficulty in choosing their best soulmates.

So thus, we can come up with an idea of launching a web portals where we parents / children of community, can search and find best choice and match.