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Why Advertise in Matrimonialandclassfied?

M&C is unique concept of matrimonial and classified under one roof to connected by people worldwide for advertise busniness in print and online as well find your soulmate from Vilage to worldwide.

All these newspapers have an impressive readership figure anf gain a huge popularity

People nowadays consider newspapers to be a poop platform to advertise, but the fact is, there are ample benifits for newspapers adverrtisments and they are as follows-

  • The quality content of these newspapers gratifies the readers and that leads to a huge readership figure, hence your advertisement in the newspaper shal gain the desired attention.
  • The wide coverage helps the advertidsements to reach every corner of the country easily at one go, thereby satisfying the advertising goals of every advertiser.
  • Newspapers are the most economical platform to advertise. The economical rates of newspaper advertisements and the special offers for advertising under various formats such as simple text, displays, quarter page or full page advertisements takes are of the advertiser's pocket.